Introduction Course to Porcine Immunology

Immunology is an exciting science that we come to know more about each day. I'd like to invite you to take a look at this marvelous science and see the progress achieved in the knowledge of the immune response of our beloved swine species. I hope that this course turns out to be useful and pleasant for you.

Dr. J.M. Sánchez-Vizcaíno Rodríguez
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Chapter 1. What is immunology?
What is immunology?
What are the main features of the immune system?
What are the components of the immune system?
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Chapter 2. Cells of the swine immune system.
Cells of the porcine immune system.
Porcine lymphocyte characteristics.
The other lymphocytes.
How are cells studied?
Swine Leucocyte Antigens (SLA).
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Chapter 3. The other cells.
The other cells
Cell collaboration in the immune response. Primary and secondary responses.
The mucosa role.
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Chapter 4. Porcine immunoglobulins.
Porcine immunoglobulins.
How is the production of immunoglobulins regulated ?
How many different types are known?
What is their role in the immune response?
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Chapter 5. How are immunoglobulins studied?
How are immunoglobulins studied?
What is a serum profile?
What practical uses can be obtained?
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Chapter 6. The porcine cytokines.
The cytokines
How do Cytokines intervene in the natural or innate immune response?
How do they activate hematopoiesis and lymphocyte attraction?
How are lymphocytes activated?
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Chapter 7. Mechanisms of activation of the immune response.
Activation mechanisms of the immune response. Natural adaptative responses.
What routes do infections follow? What are the differences between the different routes?
How does the immune system react against viruses?
Immunological mechanisms against bacteria and parasites
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Chapter 8. Vaccines.
Dead and live attenuated vaccines
What are the problems with conventional vaccines?
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Chapter 9. New generation vaccines.
New generation vaccines.
How many types are known?
How do the new generation vaccines work?
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Chapter 10. The challenges for immunology.
What is still not well known?
Which way will immunological studies go?
What will be the future role of the pig?

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